Limiting Alcohol advertisements to better the health of the younger generation.

In Uncategorized on April 1, 2011 at 1:41 am

A bill was put forward on Wednesday to limit the amount of alcohol related advertisements exposed to children.

The Totnes MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, who is also a GP, was behind the bill as well as health experts such as The British Medical Association.

Dr Wollaston has decided that new laws need to come in place to help protect young children against the dangers that alcohol face them. Dr Wollaston believes that the UK should have similar laws to France, where in 1991 they made a legislation which made alcohol related advertisements on TV and other social media illegal. However alcohol is allowed to be promoted elsewhere.

I think that it is a good idea that this bill is being put forward, as it will improve the health of the next generation, and sort out lots of social problems such as peer pressure in underage drinking. I think it is wrong that young children are exposed to alcohol advertisements, as they may get the idea that it won’t effect their health if its plastered over their television screens, without any health risks or warnings.

Smoking advertisements are off the telly, so why isn’t it the same for alcohol?

I’m not a recluse, I do enjoy drinking and having a good time getting trollied at pub golf, but I do think we are hidden to alot of the health risks from alcohol, frankly just because most of the population does drink, and no one is that assed to change.

If the population of smokers was the same as drinkers, do you reckon alcohol would be frowned upon more than it is now? Lets face it, alcohol isn’t really frowned upon at all, unless you’re consuming it before Loose Women is on.

In that case, maybe a call to AA wouldn’t go a miss.

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Yeah I did it, I quoted Whitney biaattchh.


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