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Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton?

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It has been speculated recently that actress Angelina Jolie will be the new face for Louis Vuitton’s print range.

Apparently ‘The Tourist‘ star has signed a $10m deal to do the advertisements, which will be on your screens this summer.

The last person to front the french brand was Madonna, and JLo has also had her part in modelling for them, so Jolie has some big shoes to fill!

At 35, Angelina has had many successes throughout her life, and this may be an excellent one to add to the list! I think she’s gorgeous, and cannot wait to see her in Louis Vuitton!


Beyonce’s new song LEAKED!

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Beyonce. Loving the blonde!

Beyonce’s new song Girls (Who run the world) has been leaked on the internet recently, causing alot of discussion on what people thought of the new track.

As a huge Beyonce fan, I love the new song and think it will be a dance floor win, especially compared to the current songs coming from Rihanna, and Jlo’s ‘On the floor’ summer anthem.

The main backing music to Girls is lifted from Major Lazer’s ‘Pon De Floor’ and her lyrics show her strong beliefs in the power in women.

Her upcoming album ‘4’ will be an absolute sellout if its filled with clubbing hits like this, and will gain even more female followers, as her songs seem to be more inspirational each album she brings out.

See what you think!

Beyonce Girls (Who Run the World)

Gaga shoe fail!

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Lady Gaga falls on stage during a concert in Houston last friday.

I feel bad to hate on Lady Gaga because she is a musical/fashion icon with millions on fans, and it’s not that I’m hating…just merely having an opinion that she is sometimes too big for her boots. Or too small. I don’t know, they just don’t fit!

Last year Miss Gaga stacked it at Heathrow Airport wearing ridiculously high leather boots.

Lady Gaga at Heathrow Airport

And yet again she has failed to stay upright, as last friday when performing a concert in Houston, she stumbled off a piano stool and landed flat on her backside in front of thousands of people. Credit to her though, as she kept on singing as if nothing happened!

The slow-mo kills me. She is an entertainer alright.

World’s most expensive pair of shoes

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British jewellery designer, Christopher Michael Shellis, created the world’s most expensive shoes, selling at £140,000 a pair.

The heels have a 1,000 year guarentee and are made of solid gold, and encrusted with around 2200 diamonds, making them them more bling then JLo on a night out.

The ridiculous price may have put people off…as none of the shoes have been sold since being on sale 5 months ago.

Personally, I think that the price is not the only thing that is offputting, more like the actual shoe! They look like a pair a 16 year old would pick out at TKMax for her prom. In my opinion, they’re tacky and dull, and wouldn’t beat any £25 shoe at New Look.

Mr Shellis, stick to the jewellery sunshine!

Red Alert!

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From the runway to the red carpet, red is the colour to be seen in.

Whether its to be worn on your nails or your feet, everyone has been raving red.

Valentino has inspired celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Dita Von Teese with his lipstick red designs:

Jessica Alba in Valentino in Paris

Jessica Alba wore the same dress as Selita Ebanks, who wore hers to the Vanity Fair Party.

Selita Ebanks at Vanity Fair Party

Both girls look stunning, but I think Alba pulled it off the best, keeping the train of the dress on, and accesorising with a few of girls best friends.

Who do you think looked better?

Actress’s Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow also see the attraction as they cannot be seen without their staple red lipstick.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Even hair has been going a certain raven! Rihanna famously started the trend last year, but even X Factor runner up Cher Lloyd has been rocking the strawberry look.

Cher Lloyd

Got bored of Cheryl Cole did we Miss Lloyd?

I’ve seen many Rihanna look-a-likes on the streets of Preston City alone, which shows how this one colour has made a massive fashion impact this year. Even the Guardian have written about it!

You could say that everyone is seeing red (in a good way!)

Limiting Alcohol advertisements to better the health of the younger generation.

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A bill was put forward on Wednesday to limit the amount of alcohol related advertisements exposed to children.

The Totnes MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, who is also a GP, was behind the bill as well as health experts such as The British Medical Association.

Dr Wollaston has decided that new laws need to come in place to help protect young children against the dangers that alcohol face them. Dr Wollaston believes that the UK should have similar laws to France, where in 1991 they made a legislation which made alcohol related advertisements on TV and other social media illegal. However alcohol is allowed to be promoted elsewhere.

I think that it is a good idea that this bill is being put forward, as it will improve the health of the next generation, and sort out lots of social problems such as peer pressure in underage drinking. I think it is wrong that young children are exposed to alcohol advertisements, as they may get the idea that it won’t effect their health if its plastered over their television screens, without any health risks or warnings.

Smoking advertisements are off the telly, so why isn’t it the same for alcohol?

I’m not a recluse, I do enjoy drinking and having a good time getting trollied at pub golf, but I do think we are hidden to alot of the health risks from alcohol, frankly just because most of the population does drink, and no one is that assed to change.

If the population of smokers was the same as drinkers, do you reckon alcohol would be frowned upon more than it is now? Lets face it, alcohol isn’t really frowned upon at all, unless you’re consuming it before Loose Women is on.

In that case, maybe a call to AA wouldn’t go a miss.

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Yeah I did it, I quoted Whitney biaattchh.

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