Heroic night porter

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Fruit machine by Andres Rueda


DISCLAIMER: This story was made up for University purposes only, and is enitrely false.

Night porter, Frank Stuart, was brutally attacked by two men when they broke into The Crown Hotel in Oxdown.

Mr Stuart, aged 51, found the two men breaking into a fruit machine yesterday morning. Between the two men, they carried a hammer and a knife which they used to torture Mr Stuart in the Cellar where they tied him up.

Inspector Paul Barron said that for half an hour they subjected Mr Stuart to an attack which could fairly be described as brutal torture. The men wanted to know where the safe keys were, but Mr Stuart refused to let on where they were. Mr Barron went on to say that one of the men cut Mr Stuart’s shirt into ribbons and later slashed him a number of times on the face and hands.

Safe by rponhsaj

Mr Stuart was left gagged in the cellar until he managed to free himself. The manager of the Crown Hotel, Jeremy Bates, said that he thought Frank was a hero. Mr Bates also said that Frank knew perfectly well where the safe keys were kept but evidently was determined not to give in.

Mr Bates is offering a £500 reward for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of these robbers. Both men are described by the Oxdown Police as white, with local accents, with one being in his early twenties at 5ft 11in, and one about 30 at 5ft 4in. The younger man had a grey stocking mask over his head and was wearing a dark polo shirt. The older man was wearing a brown jersey and had long brown hair. He also had a knife in a sheath attached to his belt.

Mr Stuart has been admitted to St Mary’s Hospital in Oxdown with lacerations and severe bruising. His wife, Muareen, said she thinks he’s very brave.


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