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Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley from Big Rich Texas

Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley from Big Rich Texas


Bethany Fisher talks boobs, brains and Botox with the mother who has written five novels and her daughter who showcased THAT tattoo on TV

Bonnie and Whitney - nicknamed the 'botoxians'

Bonnie and Whitney – nicknamed the ‘botoxians’

Upon meeting the pair of glamorous starlets, Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley from the new reality show, Big Rich Texas, I was very worried about what to expect. From the first few episodes that have aired on ITV2 this month, the two ‘outcasts’ of the series set in Dallas seem to be in the middle of every argument and at the front of every cosmetic surgeon’s waiting list. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find how real and down to earth they were – despite being partially made out of plastic and silicone.

They greet me with Hollywood white smiles and bat their thick false eyelashes that hide under their veils of voluminous platinum hair. I immediately compliment them on how glamorous they look, and Bonnie grins as much as her Botox would let her and in a high-pitched Texan accent replies “Why thank you, that is so nice! I spend an hour getting ready, but mostly for a hot bath!” Whitney, who is dolled up to the nines declares that most of the time she does not wear makeup because she thinks it is bad for her face, and never uses foundation or powder products.

Before any plastic surgery in 1990

Before any plastic surgery in 1990

I am not slow to dig the dirt on who they love and who they hate out of their cast mates on the show. Bonnie admits she loves fashionista Connie and ex-model Melissa as they have the best hearts and are good people to the core. “By the end of season two and definitely in season three, you can watch the transformation of our relationships. I don’t get along with any of the others, enough said.” Whitney nods and added “I’m with my mum – we get along with the same people and have the same that we don’t care for”.

When asking how they got onto the show, Bonnie says, “The American Big Brother casting producer called me about Big Rich Texas since I have a daughter, and when I told Whit about it, she was in!” Whitney, who seems more comfortable now, said “when my mum called me about it, I was like, hell yes! Let’s do it!”

If you are in the minority of people that has yet seen the show, we are introduced to Bonnie making a deal with Whitney, to get the c-bomb she tattooed on her foot removed in exchange for lip fillers.  I ask them if they always make deals like this, and they both laugh, and admit they love a bit of surgery here and there. “I love Botox!” Bonnie declared. “I would have lines on my forehead if I didn’t get it, and who wants lines? Not me!” Whitney tells me that she is also pro-plastic surgery, “I have done Botox once, but it didn’t even do anything for me” – I am not surprised, she is only 24! Whitney admits she wants more surgery – “I want porn star boobs!” she laughs, while looking down at her already-large pair. Bonnie tells me that she has also had a nose job, and a CO2 laser procedure on her face, which she describes, was “fabulous”. “That’s all I’ve done, but I will fight aging every step along the way – I’m just not going to age gracefully, no way!” Bonnie pauses and then blurts out “oh, wait, no, I also had my boobs done after I had kids. Ok, that’s all I’ve done.”

Big Rich Texas Bonnie and Whitney looking beautiful for the TV series

Big Rich Texas Bonnie and Whitney looking beautiful for the TV series

For two women who spend a lot of money and effort on their appearance, you would assume that they wouldn’t have much else to offer in the academic department. “There are a ton of stereotypes about being educated and what you should look and act like and even more stereotypes about blonde hair and big boobs.  I seek to break both of thesestereotypes.” Bonnie told me. She added, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, you are capable of anything”, and she’s right, as she goes on to tell me that she has a PhD in Biology, she has published five journals on microbiology and physiology, and is a published murder mystery fiction author.


She can tell from my face at how shocked I am after telling me this, and then admitted that she wasn’t always this successful, and considered herself as a teen failure. “My proudest moments are coming a long way from not graduating highschool – I had Whitney during my senior year and got married at 17 with inadequate education.” After working as a cosmetologist for two years, she shocked her parents by signing up to do pre-med at university, which ten years later credited her with a PhD. “I have an autobiography by the way,” she cheekily plugs, “it’s called, from GED to PhD!”

You can tell from Whitney’s proud expression that she looks up to her mum as a role model. “It shouldn’t matter what you look like, if you are smart, you’re smart,” she said – and Whitney is, she was a state champion cheerleader when she was younger and also studied pre-medicine at university and is working on her medical esthetician licence.

Big Rich Texas reality TV stars Bonnie (right) and Whitney (left)

Big Rich Texas reality TV stars Bonnie (right) and Whitney (left)

Whitney tells me that she loves painting guitars and does lots of art projects. Looking at her exposed arms and chest I can tell that she loves being creative, down to the 10 tattoos decorating her body. “I have recently helped my mother make clay monsters for her animations”, she said. Bonnie piped up “Yeah I do Claymation for fun! Mountain dew paid me 10k (USD) for a Claymation that I put on youtube – it was horrible!” she laughed. The duo is also musically talented as well. Bonnie says that she has recorded seasonal dance songs as they have a recording studio in their house. “I also play bass guitar in our house band, which is called DrunkLora. My husband plays guitar, my son plays drums, and Whit sings too” Obviously named after their party lifestyles, I tell them that they live a very colourful life. “Yes, it gets loud at my house!” Bonnie laughed.

I thank them both for giving up some time from their hectic lifestyle, and tell them that we will be glued to our screens watching them for the rest of the series – but after stripping down their plastic exterior, I think we’ll see them in a very different light.

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She juggles a job with her university work, travels around the world, and raises money for charities. Yes, Blaise Maisey is a former Miss World contestant, with brains AND beauty, and is eager to let the public know that there is more than meets the eye to pageant models. Bethany Fisher reports. 

While hundreds of feminists across the country gathered outside London’s Miss World 2011 competition in protest against sexism, I meet former Miss World contestant, Miss Maisey, in between her busy schedule, at her family’s home in Preston, Lancashire.

Maisey is everything that a beauty queen is about; tall and slim with gorgeous features. Even though she admits she is ‘dressed down’ today, her golden waves and perfect makeup tell me differently. Having spent the majority of her life in pageants, she still believes there is more to life than just beauty.  Her number one priority in competing is to help others, and it is clear she still has the strong morals that she got from her mother as a child.

Starting at a young age of 12, Miss Maisey began competing in pageants that raised funds for children. Since then, she got hooked on competing and enjoyed helping less fortunate people. Maisey’s mother was also a contestant when she was younger, and won the title of Miss Honduras, as well as winning the title Cong in Miss Universe, all raising money for different charities. She inspired her daughter to compete, but to also keep her strong values and ambitions.

“Pageants are about more than just a pretty face”

Miss Maisey entered as Miss El Salvador at 18, and became Miss Honduras at 19, and said that the experience was once in a lifetime. As she gazed out the window, she admitted that she wanted to do something different with her life, and so took the opportunity, but kept reminding herself everyday who she was. Since then she has travelled from South America to Preston in England, so that she could go to University and pursue her dreams of working in fashion, while working at a competitive company in the city centre, NCO Europe, which requires her native language.

The Miss World competition has been around for years, but it still attracts protesters, especially recently when it was held in London. Women from Object and UK Feminista stood outside the competition, showing their disapproval to women competing for looks. Looking like she’s heard it all before, Maisey laughs and responds that it’s better people talking good or bad about you than none at all, however it is sad how people misjudge all pageants, as not all pageants are the same.


Julia Long, from Object, has said that their organisation objects to Miss World, as it is profoundly sexist because it is based on the fundamental notion that women are to be valued and judged on their physical appearance.  Miss  Maisey completely disagrees, and points out that Miss World promotes charities all around the world, and is not showing any nudity and is promoting a better good. 

The pageant princess has spent a lot of her time getting to know the models in contests, and has found out that they weren’t always as lucky in life. The winner of this year’s Miss World went to a woman from Venezuela who had a rough upbringing, who lost her family when she was a child and lived in poverty. Maisey adds that pageants are about more than just a pretty face, as the winner’s life has not been easy, but from this she has become a role model for young girls who think they can’t achieve. 

“Just because you’re beautiful it doesn’t mean you don’t have brains”

Julia Long said that the contest perpetuates a very stereotypical image of so-called beauty, which costs a lot of money, effort and pain to maintain. While she sighs and rolls her eyes, Maisey admits she used to be in shock of how pretty each candidate looked and wanted to be like them, but after getting to know them, she noticed they weren’t that different from herself. While she looks at me directly in the eye, Maisey agrees that you have to be pretty to compete, but beauty is unique, and that the perfect image only exists in your mind. 

Maisey, who is currently studying at University for a fashion degree, knows what it is like to live on a budget. The beauty contestant spends a typical amount of money on her appearance just like every other woman, including for when she competes. And no she doesn’t have a walk in wardrobe. I checked. While pointing to a pile of messy clothes on her chair, Maisey expresses that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shoes, jewellery and clothes, as beauty is learning how to work with what you have.

The media and the public are generally quite quick to presume that models are shallow and stupid, but after talking to this beauty queen, I can confirm that we are wrong. Maisey thinks that the world believes all contestants are airheads, when in reality they are women who have studied at Harvard University, worked all their lives with charities, and have their own businesses. After confidently flicking her hair, and tapping away at her Blackberry, Maisey added that just because you’re beautiful it doesn’t mean you don’t have brains.

What controversies hit Headlines during previous Miss World competitions?

Leona Gage, was disqualified in 1957 after her mother in law revealed that she was in her second marriage, had two children and was 18, not 21.

In 1961, Rosemarie Frankland became the first Miss UK to win Miss World. However, she became obsessed with the beauty pageants and suffered depression, where sadly she ended her life in 2000 from a drug overdose.

In 1965, Lesley Langley was able to keep hold of her crown – just, after nude photos emerged in tabloids. She now works for a dental company in her hometown in the UK.

Marjorie Wallace won Miss World in 1973, but had her title taken away from her after dating some celebrities and claiming she could sleep with any man she wanted.

In 1974, Helen Morgan resigned four days after winning Miss World after the media portrayed her as scandalous for having a son as well as being divorced.

Gabriella Brum had her title stripped after just 18 hours, in 1980, as nude photos of herself were leaked to the press. She later modelled for playboy.

Valérie Bègue was banned from Miss World after controversial photos were leaked to a magazine, featuring the French model being photographed on a crucifix, and eating suggestive food.

Laxmi Pandit won Miss India, but was stripped of her title just hours after the competition, after claiming she was single, when she had recently bought a marital home in Mumbai.

In 1991, Miss kansas: Kelli McCarty, won Miss USA , however recently she has turned from model to actor– in porn films.

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