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Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley from Big Rich Texas

Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley from Big Rich Texas


Bethany Fisher talks boobs, brains and Botox with the mother who has written five novels and her daughter who showcased THAT tattoo on TV

Bonnie and Whitney - nicknamed the 'botoxians'

Bonnie and Whitney – nicknamed the ‘botoxians’

Upon meeting the pair of glamorous starlets, Bonnie Blossman and Whitney Whatley from the new reality show, Big Rich Texas, I was very worried about what to expect. From the first few episodes that have aired on ITV2 this month, the two ‘outcasts’ of the series set in Dallas seem to be in the middle of every argument and at the front of every cosmetic surgeon’s waiting list. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find how real and down to earth they were – despite being partially made out of plastic and silicone.

They greet me with Hollywood white smiles and bat their thick false eyelashes that hide under their veils of voluminous platinum hair. I immediately compliment them on how glamorous they look, and Bonnie grins as much as her Botox would let her and in a high-pitched Texan accent replies “Why thank you, that is so nice! I spend an hour getting ready, but mostly for a hot bath!” Whitney, who is dolled up to the nines declares that most of the time she does not wear makeup because she thinks it is bad for her face, and never uses foundation or powder products.

Before any plastic surgery in 1990

Before any plastic surgery in 1990

I am not slow to dig the dirt on who they love and who they hate out of their cast mates on the show. Bonnie admits she loves fashionista Connie and ex-model Melissa as they have the best hearts and are good people to the core. “By the end of season two and definitely in season three, you can watch the transformation of our relationships. I don’t get along with any of the others, enough said.” Whitney nods and added “I’m with my mum – we get along with the same people and have the same that we don’t care for”.

When asking how they got onto the show, Bonnie says, “The American Big Brother casting producer called me about Big Rich Texas since I have a daughter, and when I told Whit about it, she was in!” Whitney, who seems more comfortable now, said “when my mum called me about it, I was like, hell yes! Let’s do it!”

If you are in the minority of people that has yet seen the show, we are introduced to Bonnie making a deal with Whitney, to get the c-bomb she tattooed on her foot removed in exchange for lip fillers.  I ask them if they always make deals like this, and they both laugh, and admit they love a bit of surgery here and there. “I love Botox!” Bonnie declared. “I would have lines on my forehead if I didn’t get it, and who wants lines? Not me!” Whitney tells me that she is also pro-plastic surgery, “I have done Botox once, but it didn’t even do anything for me” – I am not surprised, she is only 24! Whitney admits she wants more surgery – “I want porn star boobs!” she laughs, while looking down at her already-large pair. Bonnie tells me that she has also had a nose job, and a CO2 laser procedure on her face, which she describes, was “fabulous”. “That’s all I’ve done, but I will fight aging every step along the way – I’m just not going to age gracefully, no way!” Bonnie pauses and then blurts out “oh, wait, no, I also had my boobs done after I had kids. Ok, that’s all I’ve done.”

Big Rich Texas Bonnie and Whitney looking beautiful for the TV series

Big Rich Texas Bonnie and Whitney looking beautiful for the TV series

For two women who spend a lot of money and effort on their appearance, you would assume that they wouldn’t have much else to offer in the academic department. “There are a ton of stereotypes about being educated and what you should look and act like and even more stereotypes about blonde hair and big boobs.  I seek to break both of thesestereotypes.” Bonnie told me. She added, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, you are capable of anything”, and she’s right, as she goes on to tell me that she has a PhD in Biology, she has published five journals on microbiology and physiology, and is a published murder mystery fiction author.


She can tell from my face at how shocked I am after telling me this, and then admitted that she wasn’t always this successful, and considered herself as a teen failure. “My proudest moments are coming a long way from not graduating highschool – I had Whitney during my senior year and got married at 17 with inadequate education.” After working as a cosmetologist for two years, she shocked her parents by signing up to do pre-med at university, which ten years later credited her with a PhD. “I have an autobiography by the way,” she cheekily plugs, “it’s called, from GED to PhD!”

You can tell from Whitney’s proud expression that she looks up to her mum as a role model. “It shouldn’t matter what you look like, if you are smart, you’re smart,” she said – and Whitney is, she was a state champion cheerleader when she was younger and also studied pre-medicine at university and is working on her medical esthetician licence.

Big Rich Texas reality TV stars Bonnie (right) and Whitney (left)

Big Rich Texas reality TV stars Bonnie (right) and Whitney (left)

Whitney tells me that she loves painting guitars and does lots of art projects. Looking at her exposed arms and chest I can tell that she loves being creative, down to the 10 tattoos decorating her body. “I have recently helped my mother make clay monsters for her animations”, she said. Bonnie piped up “Yeah I do Claymation for fun! Mountain dew paid me 10k (USD) for a Claymation that I put on youtube – it was horrible!” she laughed. The duo is also musically talented as well. Bonnie says that she has recorded seasonal dance songs as they have a recording studio in their house. “I also play bass guitar in our house band, which is called DrunkLora. My husband plays guitar, my son plays drums, and Whit sings too” Obviously named after their party lifestyles, I tell them that they live a very colourful life. “Yes, it gets loud at my house!” Bonnie laughed.

I thank them both for giving up some time from their hectic lifestyle, and tell them that we will be glued to our screens watching them for the rest of the series – but after stripping down their plastic exterior, I think we’ll see them in a very different light.

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“I’ll have what she’s having”

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From being completely confused about wine to not knowing the difference between a Margarita and a Martini – when out drinking, we generally just settle with what we know. So how can we stop resorting to ‘another vodka and coke’? Bethany Fisher (soberly) reports.

You’ve been queuing up for what seems about forever until you hear the famous words ‘What can I get you?’ Does a sudden blank come to mind followed by ordering the same drink you have religiously bought since you turned 18? Don’t worry, you’re in the majority! However a life isn’t a life at all if you’re having after work drinks in a swanky bar, and still ordering what you did at college.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a simple rum and coke, but it’s always great to have variety. After all, you wouldn’t just own one pair of shoes would you?

Therefore I decided to do some drinking in a bar – for your benefit (obviously)!  After testing out a selection of different drinks I would then master up a simple out of five rating for the taste, strength, price and overall look of each drink. After a fish and chip tea, my stomach was well-lined for the evening ahead.

My favourite drink of all time is a simple gin and tonic, but for you ladies I decided to do some experimenting. Mark Gill, cofounder of the London Cocktail Society said that if I liked gin, then I would most probably like a Negroni, Aviation, or a Tom Collins. Considering one is made up of three strong liqueurs and the other sounds like an old man, I decided to order a classic Negroni.  At £8 it is expensive for a drink, but quite fair for a cocktail. The zingy orange taste mixed with sweet vermouth and gin was to my surprise, delicious, and a perfect drink to start off with (even if it did look like oil).

For this gin-inspired cocktail I would give it

Taste – 4
Strength – 3
Price – 4
Look – 1

Next I wanted to try one of women’s favourite spirits – vodka, but mixed with something other than coke or lemonade. Mark said that white spirits and fruit juice work best together, as well as with carbonated drinks. After seeing what fruit juices they had on offer, I finally ordered a single vodka and cranberry juice for £4. Although vodka isn’t my favourite spirit, I was delighted they went really well together, as well as getting one of my five a day!

For this (slightly) healthy drink I would give it

Taste – 4
Strength – 4
Price – 5
Look – 3

I was then stuck on what to choose next. Mark informed me that if you are ever clueless about choosing drinks, then you should just ask the advice of the bartender. After all, they are the experts. Mark also said that the most popular drinks are classic cocktails. So after asking the bartender’s advice, I settled with a very glamorous strawberry martini. Priced at £6 it was quite reasonable and looked fabulous in its tall glass with strawberry decorations on top. It was sweet and fruity and reminded me of summer holidays with the girls. I ended up ordering two after completely forgetting where I was – or what important work I was supposed to be doing.

For this strawberry sensation I would give it

Taste – 5
Strength – 3
Price – 4
Look – 4

I asked Mark what his favourite drink was, and he said it was an Old Fashioned because it is so simple and easy. When the bartender asked if I wanted it shaken or stirred I panicked and picked the latter. The dash of bitter and whiskey mixed with sugar, cherries, orange and lemon was extremely strong, but different – in a good way.  That was until I got to the bottom, and sipped pure whiskey. I should have gotten it shaken. On a good note – I can’t wait to order my whiskey-cocktail when I’m out with my lad mates next. They will think I’m a drinking genius!

For this bitter beauty I would give it

Taste – 4
Strength – 5
Price – 4
Look – 4

Although the London Cocktail Society’s motto is “One martini is all right, two is too many, three is not enough”, Mr Gill recommends that you should drink in moderation if you are on a diet. Not like my evening then!

Although most of the drinks I found were not ridiculously priced, for those of you burdened with student debt, my advice would be to order spirits with soda and lime as it always keeps the cost down.  However, while vodka soda and lime was lovely, gin and soda should be avoided like the plague!

There are also a few terms that helped save me during the evening when choosing my drinks. When the bartender asks if you would like it ‘on the rocks’, it simply means having your drink poured over ice.  A chaser is a drink taken immediately after another drink, and something ‘straight up’ is a drink that is chilled in a cocktail shaker and strained. Oh and some personal advice – always ask for it to be shaken, not stirred.


If you are looking for further inspiration, check out the favourite drinks from the glamorous, rich and famous: 

  • Jennifer Aniston likes to let her hair down with a Margarita
  • The Queen happens to enjoy a Gordon’s Gin and Tonic (with three slices of lemon)
  • Johnny Depp relaxes with a Bourbon Sour
  • Kylie Minogue likes a Lychee Martini
  • Marilyn Monroe adored a classic Champagne (…with aspirin)
  • Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are often seen sipping Champagne Cocktails
  • Paris Hilton parties with Tequila
  • Julia Roberts enjoys a Scorpino (vodka and lemon sorbet!)
  • Renee Zelweiger likes a Cosmic Messenger
  • Will Ferrell kicks back with a Corona
  • Christina Ricci choses Chardonnay
  • Kate Hudson likes to choose between Tequila or wine
  • Barrack Obama enjoys a very American Bud Light
  • Madonna drinks Pomegranate Martini’s
  • Eva Mendes loves a Screwdriver (Vodka and orange)
  • Vince Vaughan likes Vodka and Red Bull
  • Anne Hathaway often orders a Skinnygirl Margarita (Tequila, lime and Cointreau)
  • Dita Von Teese is lucky enough to have a cocktail created for her – The Cointreau Teese
  • Mary Kate Olsen likes to chill out with a white wine spritzer
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