Paranormal Activity 3 – Review

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The public will need to turn their night lights back on again, as the prequel to the paranormal pandemic has hit the big screens.

Tuesday 1st November 201115:30 BST


Young sisters Katie and Kristie showing us how the story began…Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3
  Production year: 2011
  Country: Rest of the world
  Cert (UK): 15
  Runtime: 84 mins
  Directors: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman
  Cast: Chloe Csengery, Jessica Tyler Brown and Christopher Nicholas Smith

Joost and Schulman’s prequel takes us back to how the horror all began in the haunted household, but this time uses new characters and camera tactics to create a new dimension of tension. The stepfather (smith) acts as the main camera man to the film, where he sets up cameras around the house when strange things start to happen. His character is a professional wedding movie maker; therefore his ‘director’ role in the film is more realistic than the characters in the previous paranormal films. Dennis (Smith) is able to show the audience more than ever, by using swivel cameras between two rooms to build suspense.

The two young sisters, Kristie and Katie acted most of the horror scenes connected with the ‘imaginary friend’ Toby. This figure stayed throughout the whole film, giving you an insight to what the evil spirit was. The movie was very much like the first two, using a slow build up of suspense throughout the first half, and then dramatically increasing towards the end with a shocking finale. However, I feel this film brought more psychological horror, as well as some mediocre gore, making it more thrilling than the last two. During the film it was painstakingly silent in the cinema, much different to the noisier, even laughable scary moments in the last two paranormal films I saw at the cinema. Ultimately, the cinema experience was more hiding ‘under your seat’ than ‘at the edge of your seat’, which was noticeable when coming out of the cinema, as everyone was waiting inside the foyer for their rides home, rather than out in the dark.

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