Naturists take over Blackpool for one of the flashiest events this year.

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Around 200 members of the British Naturism group flocked to Blackpool in their birthday suits for a weekend of clothes-optional fun.

Two hotels were fully booked to host the members, including the Bond Hotel in South Shore. The stripped society was entertained with magicians, ten-pin bowling, an undress-to-impress disco, and a zumba class to remember.

The Sandcastle water park also opened its doors for a nudist-only experience, as they have previously been hired out by the group twice before.

Jane Kelly, from Sandcastle Waterpark said that the general age group of the naturism group were over 50, and they are more than happy to hold another event next year.

Steve Betts, Vice Chairman of British Naturism, stated that because of the cold northern weather, events take it into consideration and up the heating indoors, and put on clothes if it is too cold outside. Mr Betts stated that the Bond Hotel allowed nudity for the whole of the weekend in all areas of the hotel, including the restaurants and its bars.

A married couple, George and Julie Booth, members of British Naturism and Blackpool Sun club, also attended the unclad clan at Blackpool. George Booth admitted that if they’re cold, they put clothes on, and if they’re indoors they normally make sure that their preferred dress code is catered for.

Mr Booth was very happy with the turnout and said that any event that pulls over 100 like-minded people together is always going to be popular. George Booth also stated that some people just wanted to come and see Blackpool itself, even if that had to dress to walk along the Golden Mile.

There are currently over 10,000 BN members, with most over the age of 40. George Booth said there is also a Young British Naturist section made up of under 30 year olds.

Mr Booth was happy to announce that the next large event is next weekend at Stoke Waterworld with over 300 attendees. George said that other events will take place throughout the year until November.

Steve Betts is looking forward to the largest event of the year in Cornwall, where he said that the event, ‘Nudefest’ is held in June, and attracts about 350 people. There are also some other small events for the exposed extroverts to look forward to, including BBQ’s, discos, and jazz music festivals.

  1. Folks! Going around naked on two wheels is something everybody should try at least once in a lifetime. The experience is absolutely exhilarating. There is the thrill of speed and danger, balanced by the concern of individual fragility. The awakening of tyour senses is also giving you an animal perspective about the environment. Ab-so-lu-tely brilliant stuff!
    Get off our clothes and ride through some African landscape during the summertime, listening to Jamie Lydell or James Brown, after a couple o pints of “chica”. You won’t regret it. I tell you.

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